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There are some parts of living in the San Francisco area that are hard to beat, and the weather is one of them! On the other hand, some aspects of this climate are hard on our homes. For example, this house in El Cerrito had suffered significant exterior environmental damage. Fortunately, at Endure Painting, we specialize in exterior painting and repairs of this type!

By taking a closer look at the exterior painting process we followed in this case, you can see the benefits of working with an excellent house painting company.

Assessing the Damage

In the photo, you can see that the wooden siding on this home had suffered significant damage. There was serious cracking in the wood, and in many areas the exterior paint had failed. This kind of deterioration can lead to leaks, wood rot, and mildew/mold if it is not remediated.

Repairing the Damaged Siding

Before beginning any exterior painting, we always make sure the surfaces are solid and sound. In this case, we began with filling compounds and/or caulk to fill in any cracks. Once the gaps are filled, we sand the surface to get it smooth.

Another important step is to remove any failing paint. This requires scraping and sanding - a messy process, necessitating breathing protection and thorough cleanup. Now that we have a smooth, sound surface, we prime anywhere that repairs were completed.

And Now, the Fun Part! Exterior Painting!

With all of the preparatory work finished, we get to do the rewarding part: applying the new exterior paint! While the first coat makes the most remarkable visual transformation, applying multiple coats ensures the most durable, beautiful finish.

Finally, We Step Back and Enjoy the Results

When an exterior job is well done, there is immense satisfaction in taking a few minutes to enjoy the new look. Take a peek with us!

Endure Painting

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