Refinishing Doors and Woodwork in Berkeley, CA

Wood is one of the most natural, versatile, and beautiful materials we have in our homes, and it shines most richly when it is stained. Unfortunately, that shine can wear out over time, and stained wooden doors require refurbishing. Likewise, interior woodwork like cabinets and railings can also show signs of age and wear. Thankfully, here at Endure Painting, one of our specialties is stained wood restoration!

One of our recent projects is this amazing home in Berkeley, which has all kinds of unique and fascinating architectural details. Though this house painting project was extensive, involving exterior and interior work, we would like to focus on two specific items here: the entry door and the upstairs railing.

Restaining a Wooden Entry Door

Though the weather here in Berkeley does not reach the extremes that we see farther north or south, the climate still takes a toll on exterior woodwork. In fact, this is common throughout the San Francisco Bay area. On this home, the front door still looked good, but it had lost its shine. 

When this occurs, the door is removed from the frame, and we begin by sanding every part. The flat areas can be done with power sanders, but all contours and corners require hand sanding. This removes the remains of the prior finish, and takes out any scratches or minor dents. 

Once we are down to bare wood, we can apply the new coatings. Often, refinishing a wooden door requires a coat of wood conditioner, then we can brush on the new stain. After the door has been stained, we apply a strong sealer. When this is dry, we are ready install the door once again.

Once the project is complete, we can take off the protective tape and admire the finished product!

Restaining an Interior Wooden Railing

Another beautiful detail in this home is the wooden railing at the top of the stairs. As part of the whole house repainting, we refinished the wood railing. As we do with all interior painting projects, we begin by protecting all the nearby surfaces. Then, we strip off the old stain and apply the new!

Once the staining was complete, we cleaned up the surrounding area, and we were ready for the big reveal:

Endure Painting

In addition to restaining interior and exterior woodwork, Endure Painting provides a wide range of commercial and residential painting services. For example, if you need wallpaper removal, power washing, exterior painting, skim coating, interior painting, or kitchen cabinet painting, we are the house painter you can trust! In all of our work, we insist on top notch craftsmanship and unbeatable customer service. 

Our service area includes the whole San Francisco Bay area, from Berkeley to Oakland, from San Mateo to Pleasanton, and beyond! Call our office or use our online form to request your free estimate today!

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