Why Quality Matters with Whiteboard Paint

The Importance of Quality Whiteboard Paint

Minimize Maintenance

A whiteboard wall can be a major boon for all kinds of workplaces. That said, you don’t want your investment to cause you more problems than you solve using it. Simply put, low-quality whiteboard paints can be difficult to erase, clean, keep from scratching, and so on. Over time, your once-pristine whiteboard wall might be more yellow than white, and feature numerous shadows or “ghosts” left behind from markings that have failed to fully disappear. If you want your whiteboard paint to last a long time and maintain its pure appearance, work with office painting services that only use the highest quality materials.

Reduce Unwanted Glare

When it comes to commercial painting, a little gloss goes a long way. Whiteboard paint is meant to have a shiny quality, but too much gloss can be a glaring distraction in the workplace. Ideally, you want a whiteboard wall with a clear, smooth surface that prevents light from harshly pinpointing people’s eyes. The best whiteboard paint products offer this key balance that you’re looking for.

Keep Your Office Environmentally Friendly

As environmental concerns have risen to the forefront of society, individuals and businesses have increased their efforts to reduce their negative impact on their immediate surroundings and the planet as a whole. In the past, paint products contained numerous toxic substances that posed a threat to people, animals, and the environment. While some modern paints still contain such ingredients, the majority are relatively safe to use. It’s worth noting that lower-quality whiteboard paints might use certain additives that increase their toxicity, however -- if you care about the environment, wish to minimize paint fumes in your office, and/or want to ensure the health and wellness of your employees, it’s important to invest in quality whiteboard paint, as these feature low- or zero-VOCs (volatile organic compounds). Your interior painting service can tell you more about VOCs and why it’s best to avoid them.

Extract the Most Creativity from Your Team

Ultimately, the better your whiteboard paint, the more useful it becomes. Your office will be able to enjoy this unique installation longer, visualize everything that’s currently on the board (thanks to minimal glare), and remain worry-free regarding toxic fumes and materials. If you want to reinvigorate your workplace and nurture its most creative impulses, consider investing in whiteboard/dry erase paint.

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