When to Schedule a Spring Exterior Painter for Your San Francisco Area HOA

How to Plan Your Spring Exterior Paint Job

The Sooner You Start Planning, the Better

Keep in mind that most exterior painting services will quickly get booked for springtime projects in the coming months. On top of that, HOA painting projects can be extensive, requiring ample time and resources that some painting businesses might not have at their disposal. So, if you know your Northern California HOA will need some exterior attention this year, don’t wait too long to get your plans in order. Start researching reliable local HOA painters in January and February and receive as many estimates as you can. Once you’ve narrowed your search, determine your scheduling needs and go with the company that can accommodate them. Simply put, the sooner you mark your project on the calendar with your painters, the smoother the process will go.

Keeping Your HOA and HOA Painters on the Same Page

The HOA painting process isn’t quite the same as painting a single residency or business. Generally speaking, painting the properties of an HOA involves a higher level of coordination wherein multiple homes and facilities receive updates around the same time. There are exceptions, of course -- if a single property has undergone sudden damage or hasn’t received the same level of maintenance as others then it may require exterior painting before the rest of the HOA’s properties. Exceptions aside, though, most HOAs operate on a painting schedule so that the association as a whole retains a level of consistency. 

When it comes to scheduling exterior painting services for your Northern California HOA this spring, then, you must make sure that all tenants and owners know that this project will take place. Additionally, your painting provider must be able to block out a significant portion of time to paint the various properties within your HOA with the same level of quality and care -- the average HOA painting project can take anywhere from 30-60 days. Once again, the earlier you begin this process, the better -- otherwise, you’ll have to manage several last-minute concerns that may throw off the entire project.

Getting the Most Out of a San Francisco Spring

As mentioned earlier, exterior house painters in San Francisco find plenty of work year-round due to the city’s fair conditions. With that in mind, you’re not obligated to have your HOA painting performed in the springtime. If necessary, you might wait until summer or fall to get the job done and the weather shouldn’t be much of an issue. Still, no one would blame you for preferring to tackle this project during the spring where temperatures tend to stay in the low- to mid-60s and rarely dip below 50 degrees Fahrenheit. Fortunately, this gives you 3-4 months of ideal painting conditions to work with -- plenty of time to cover a month-or-two-long HOA painting project. If you schedule your services now you might be able to begin in March, but if you miss that boat you can probably still receive your services in April or May and complete the project by June. 

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