What Paint Colors Are Right for My Garage Doors?

The Best Paint Colors for Garage Doors

The Most Popular Choice: White

If you want to keep things classic, you can’t go wrong with white garage doors. Most residential painting services will tell you that this is the standard shade that homeowners choose for their garage doors. This isn’t a fluke, either. No matter the exact shade (i.e., pure white, off-white, etc.), white paint provides the perfect accent to virtually any other home color. It doesn’t matter if your siding is navy blue, bright yellow, rich red, or pure black -- white garage doors will look great next to it. Of course, there are some downsides to white garage doors, namely that they can become visibly dirty much more quickly than doors painted a darker color and reveal other surface imperfections. If you’re willing to keep your doors clean and well-maintained, however, these are minor concerns.

Keep it Neutral

White garage doors might not be your style for whatever reason. If that’s the case, you can select from any number of neutral tones and be just as well off. Indeed, neutral colors like grey, brown, black, and beige have become staples of modern outdoor house painting. These garage door colors can enhance your exterior’s appearance without calling too much attention to themselves.

Match Your Trim or Front Door

Specific colors aside, you can pick a paint color for your garage doors by taking other exterior features into account. More specifically, it’s often a strong aesthetic choice to have your exterior painters use the same color for your garage doors as they did for your trim around windows, roofing, etc. Doing so will cultivate a cohesive and well-defined curb appeal.

Blend in to Make Your Home Look Larger

There’s no hard and fast rule that states your garage doors must stand in stark contrast against the rest of your home’s exterior. While many homeowners prefer an accented color for their garage doors, you might decide to match the color of your doors with that of your siding instead. This is a somewhat unconventional option, but going this route can make your home’s exterior look larger and more uniform. You don’t need to choose a precise match either -- it’s also appealing to go with a slightly lighter or darker version of your siding’s color for your garage doors to create some separation while retaining coherence. So, if your home is dark blue, for instance, consider the same color for your garage doors or another shade of blue that’s a bit lighter or darker.

Keep HOA Painting Rules in Mind

Finally, if you live in a Northern California HOA, understand that you won’t have as much leeway with color selection as you would otherwise. This is because HOA painting decisions must abide by the organization’s conditions and restrictions to ensure a certain standard for the community. So, while your heart might be set on a particular color for your garage doors, you may be required to compromise and choose another color. The plus side of these restrictions is that they mitigate the decision paralysis that so often comes with color selection -- if you only have a handful of options before you, picking one is usually easier.

The Verdict

There are no “right” or “wrong” garage door colors, but some choices are more commonplace, practical, aesthetically pleasing, and compliant than others. White and neutral tones tend to dominate this space, but you can find garage doors of all colors and kinds online and around your region. But if you’re struggling to make a decision, the exterior painting experts at Endure Painting are happy to help. For more information regarding our skills and services, call us at (510) 458-2120 or send us an email at hello@endurepainting.com.

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