Update your Office Color Palette

What to Know About Updating Your Bay Area Office's Paint

Why Update Your Office’s Colors?

There are multiple reasons to update your office color palette, and the questions listed above serve as not-so-subtle hints as to what they are. To paint a clearer picture, though, changing up your office’s color scheme can help improve appearances (and therefore your reputation), boost employee morale (and therefore productivity), and serve to complement and reinforce a change in branding. Let’s break down these benefits further.

Impressing Customers, Guests, and Partners

If your office regularly sees customers, partners, and others outside of the company, it’s crucial to constantly make strong, positive impressions. If your current paint job has seen better days, people will notice, even if only subconsciously. And even if your paint job is pristine, holding onto a drab color palette can set a suboptimal tone for your guests. One way to welcome and/or win back your audience is to introduce a new color scheme for your office.

Enhancing Workflow

While it’s important to impress your guests and keep your customers, consider that your employees are the backbone of your operations. If they’re unhappy, exhausted, frustrated, etc., they won’t do their best work, and your bottom line will suffer. Many factors contribute to employee satisfaction and productivity, of course, but don’t overlook your office’s aesthetic in this calculation. Though more research is necessary, some studies suggest that an office’s color palette can have positive or negative effects on employee mood and behavior. With that in mind, updating your office’s color palette may be one way to adjust employee morale for the better.

Bolstering Your Brand

Your office’s aesthetic says a lot about your brand, too. If your business’s paint job does not reflect the attitude and/or color scheme of your outward-facing identity, customers, partners, and employees may feel conflicted about what the business actually represents. To avoid this disconnect, consider hiring interior painting services to update your office color palette so it matches your brand as a whole.

Choosing the Right Colors for Your Office

Once you’ve decided to switch up your office’s appearance, the next step is deciding exactly how you want it to look. Choosing paint colors is never easy, but it can be especially difficult for workplaces, where you must try to please dozens (sometimes hundreds) of individuals sharing said space. A good place to start might be by sending out a survey to your employees, asking them their opinions on changing the office’s color palette. Additionally, it’s worth conducting research on how different office colors might affect morale, productivity, etc. If you’re really struggling to choose colors, you can ask your commercial office painters for their input as well. And once again, always consider your brand identity when considering color options.

Executing Your Office Repainting Plan

As if landing on a new color palette for your office wasn’t challenging enough -- now, you must get the job done. Take your time researching office painting services, taking into account their experience, reputation, service offerings, pricing, and whether or not they will be able to fulfill all of your needs. For instance, will you need wallpaper removed beforehand? Can they properly prepare your surface before painting? Ideally, the contractor you choose will also be able to work with your schedule so as to not interfere with your operations. It might not seem like a color update would require so much thought, but if you want the best-looking, most durable results, you and your commercial interior painters cannot afford to take shortcuts.

Updating your office color palette may be a matter of maintenance, reputation, morale, brand coherence, or all of the above. Whatever the reason, Endure Painting has the expertise and range of services to get the job done efficiently, delivering the results your business deserves. For more information regarding our skills and services, call us at (510) 458-2120 or send us an email at hello@endurepainting.com.

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