Top HOA Exterior Colors of the Season That Won't Be Outdated by Next Year

As you begin to think about how you wish to revitalize your home’s outward appearance, then, make sure you’re aware of your HOA’s guidelines, which will be written down in its Covenants, Conditions & Restrictions (CC&Rs). Once you have a sense of what you can and cannot do with your HOA painting project, you can then decide which color(s) you wish to incorporate. If you need help making this call, let’s go over the top HOA exterior colors of the season that won’t go out of style for some time to come. We’ll use Sherwin-Williams paint colors as inspiration (your local exterior painters can give you more precise advice).

Timeless Colors for Your HOA Exterior


This HOA exterior shade is a light grey with the slightest hint of beige, making it an all-around winner and solid representation of what tends to fly with most HOAs in terms of color. Indeed, most of the color options listed here exist somewhere in the realm of off-white, tan, and gray. These colors might not excite you (especially if you’re someone who prefers more saturated exteriors), but there is a surprising amount of variation in this otherwise restricted spectrum. Plus, your Northern California HOA exterior will be accented with other colors to emphasize its trim, shutters, doors, etc. The options listed here for these subtle accents are Pure White (stucco, trim, garage doors, and gutters), and Natural Tan (shutters).

Amazing Gray

This color with the tongue-in-cheek title is similar to Alpaca but with a slightly darker undertone. Whereas Alpaca is best contrasted with Pure White, it’s recommended that Amazing Gray be accented with a Creamy white as well as a dark, muted brown (Bitter Chocolate) and darker gray (Manor House) to complete the look.

Fresco Cream

If you’re not game for gray, Fresco Cream leans heavier into the tan side of things, offering a calm, classic exterior aesthetic. As is the case with Amazing Gray, Creamy white paint goes well with Fresco Cream, especially for the trim and front door.

Row House Tan

Going the slightest bit darker and richer will yield you Row House Tan. The soft brown Yearling serves as a worthy accent for this exterior color choice.

Sweet Orange

You probably won’t get away with having your exterior house painters color your HOA property orange. However, if you’re looking (and able) to add the slightest bit of color to your property, consider something like Sweet Orange. This tone is a light tan with a tiny splash of orange reminiscent of a creamsicle. Accenting this color with Pure White and Spearmint can further freshen up your home’s appearance.

Malted Milk

If you’ve ever made yourself a glass of chocolate milk using your favorite chocolate syrup, you already have a sense of this color. This light brown option or something similar is right at home in just about any HOA at any time.

City Loft

White homes will likely never go out of style -- they can be difficult to maintain, however, considering how clearly dirt shows up on such a blank canvas. If you’re looking for a tone that’s just slightly darker than white, City Loft might provide a solution. This color is akin to a very light grey and/or off-white, and is well-accented with a darker gray (Chelsea Gray) and teal (Peacock Plume).

Compliant, Contemporary Colors for Your HOA Exterior

Note that the colors listed here may not be precise matches for your Northern California HOA community. In order to choose colors for your HOA exterior with confidence and compliance in mind, communicate with your HOA and your exterior painting company. Still, the colors listed here may give you a sense of the range of options you’ll face in this realm. Your HOA may be more or less restrictive, but this is a good place to start. If you need further assistance or simply a place to start on your search, Endure Painting has the experience with painting all kinds of HOA communities.

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