Top Bay Area HOA Paint Trends of 2021 That Won't Go Out of Style

Top Bay Area HOA Exterior Painting Trends of 2021

We’ll begin by exploring exterior painting color options since HOAs tend to have the most restrictions in this regard. While the following trends might not be your first choices, they’re right at home in just about any modern Bay Area HOA.


The name of this general color option is an amalgam of “gray” and “beige,” which gives away its appearance. Still, there are many shades of greige out there, some darker, some lighter, and some more gray or beige than others. Your Bay Area HOA might have a selection of specific types of greige for exterior surfaces, but most HOAs will be just fine with some variation with proper approval.

Creamy Beige

Beige has long been a popular exterior color choice for homes regardless of their connection (or lack thereof) to an HOA. However, recent years have seen a rise in creamier beige tones, some that are so light they almost resemble more of an off-white. These various shades of beige bring to mind sandy beaches and refreshing chilled coffee drinks, making them perfect for Bay Area homes.

Light Brown

There are plenty of similarities between creamy beige colors and light brown tones, but there are some subtle differences, too. The colors in this category are closer to a chocolate milk or slightly wettened sand. However it’s described, light brown options are staples of most HOAs, and that won’t likely change in 2021 and beyond.


White homes will always be in style, but pure white surfaces might be too bright for your (or your HOA’s liking. As such,your San Francisco HOA board or exterior house painter might recommend off-white paint instead. Off-white homes retain the bright benefits of starker white paint without many of the downsides and look great next to any other home in an HOA.

Top Bay Area HOA Interior Painting Trends of 2021

Most HOAs aren’t as strict about interior paint color choices because they don’t affect the HOA’s overall view from outside. That said, certain colors might be off-limits. Fortunately, the Bay Area HOA interior paint trends of 2021 aren’t likely to rock the boat at all.

Pure White

While pure white isn’t always best for home exteriors, this plain choice suits any interior, offering powerful, bright contrast to any other color inside your home. Those who wish to simplify their interior design and/or get the most out of their home’s natural light often like painting their interior spaces white.

Shades of Blue

Blue has become a popular modern color for home interiors regardless of location -- that said, homes on the water such as those in the Bay Area stand to benefit even more from blue paint, thematically-speaking. Virtually all shades of blue, from the lightest to darkest, are currently in style in Bay Area HOAs and elsewhere.

Muted Colors

The most saturated and gaudy colors might not be allowed inyour San Francisco HOA (nor are many of these colors trending), but that doesn’t mean all colors other than blue are off the table. On the contrary, Bay Area HOA interiors may feature greens, yellows, oranges, and more, just of the softer, muted variety. Incorporating muted colors in your home allows you to venture away from the standard whites, greys, and beiges without overwhelming your home oryour San Francisco HOA board.

Warm Earth Tones

Finally, earth tones such as clay, brown-reds, and rich yellows have come into their own over the past several years for interior spaces. These colors suit the warm, sunny atmosphere of San Francisco well and marry the rustic and the modern.

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