The Beauty Is in the Details! Interior House Painting in Berkeley, CA

Some have said that the Devil is in the details, but to a skilled painter, that's where the beauty is! In the case of this interior house painting project in Berkeley, there certainly were a lot of details. That gave us plenty of room to work our magic, restoring and enhancing this fabulous home! While this project involved a significant number of rooms and surfaces, each with its own features and challenges, let's take a tour of a few of the highlights.

Bathroom Floor Refinishing

When we first arrived, the wood floor in this half-bath had seen better days. We began by sanding it carefully, then we put on a white primer coating and traced a tile pattern on the floor in pencil. Why? Keep watching!

Next, we carefully taped the tile outlines and marked every other tile to form a checkerboard pattern. The unmarked squares were then sanded thoroughly, re-exposing the wood underneath. Can you see where this is going?

Once the wood squares were ready, we taped them off, and applied high quality interior paint to the remaining white squares.

And the result? Stylish, attractive, and definitely one-of-a-kind!

Living Room Repainting and Wood Refinishing

The living room in this Berkeley home is another area where attention to all the little details led to remarkable results. 

This house contains many beautiful exposed-beam ceilings, which require several stages of preparation and coating. One of the most important steps is protecting one surface while we work on another.

Numerous surfaces also required patching or repairs before the painting could truly begin.

By putting careful attention into every step, using the correct procedures and patient craftsmanship, we got the job done. Was it worth the effort? Absolutely!

Endure Painting

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Whether you need interior painting, wallpaper removal, exterior painting, kitchen cabinet painting, or even bathroom floor refinishing, we are the company to call! Contact us for your free interior painting estimate today. We look forward to hearing from you!

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