Spruce up your Interior for the Holidays with Fresh Paint

How to Spruce Up Your Home for the Holidays

Deck the Halls With Holiday Colors

If you’re looking to get in the holiday spirit, consider implementing paint colors that complement this time of year but also work year-round. Greens, reds, browns, whites, blues, and greys are all worthy considerations. Sill, there are plenty of variations of each color, and making a final choice is not always so easy. If you need help here, seek interior house painting contractors that offer color consultations. These experienced professionals will work with you to understand your preferences and vision so you wind up with the best, most festive results possible.

In addition to selecting colors, you must decide which rooms you wish to paint and how you’ll implement these colors in each space. For instance, you can make your home or business pop by painting three walls one color and the fourth wall an accented color. Additionally, you might contrast darker walls with lighter trim, or vice versa. Your interior painting contractors can help you make these decisions as well.

Celebrate the Season with Refinished Cabinets

Certain interior features provide the optimal opportunity for creating eye-catching accents. Cabinets, for instance, naturally protrude and distinguish themselves from the walls to which they’re affixed. If you’re looking for ways to stylize your interior for the holidays, you might paint or refinish your cabinets. Dark, rich, glossy wooden cabinets exude the atmosphere of a wintry forest, especially when juxtaposed white or grey walls. Whatever you decide to do, hiring local painting services to update your cabinets also makes practical sense for the holidays, considering that your kitchen is bound to get some extra use and attention this time of year.

Safely Sprucing Up Your Interiors

This year’s unfortunate turn of events has made health and safety even more of a priority when it comes to hiring contractors for residential or commercial painting. As you compare contractors this holiday season, only consider those with strong safety protocols. More specifically, ask a potential hire about their surface cleaning and sanitation efforts. Painting providers who are happy to discuss these matters display professionalism and care for their clients.

New Designs for a New Year

In many ways, it feels like 2020 barely got a chance to start -- for many, last year’s new year’s celebration was the last major event they experienced before the world shut down. While it’s not yet clear what 2021 will hold, another new year is already on the way, and we could all use rejuvenation right about now. Reliable commercial and residential painting services can help you round out the holidays and ring in the new year by refreshing your interior spaces with a new coat of paint.

Let Endure Painting be the one to help you in these efforts. In addition to our interior and exterior painting services, we offer color consultations, cabinet refinishing, wallpaper removal, and more. We also take health and safety seriously, providing thorough cleaning and surface sanitation before, during, and after the job is done. For more information regarding our skills and services, call us at (510) 458-2120 or send us an email at hello@endurepainting.com.

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