Spruce Up the Swimming Pool and Clubhouse with Fresh Paint While They're Still Closed

How Painting Services Spruce Up Pools & Clubhouses

For How Long Will the Pool/Clubhouse Be Closed?

In a normal year, your clubhouse would probably be open year-round (at least the indoor portions) and your outdoor HOA swimming pool might be shut down from September/October through May/June, depending on your regional climate. Fully painting these areas might take anywhere from a couple of days to several weeks, depending on how much surface area needs to be covered, whether certain repairs need to be made, and so on. So, while local interior painters might get in the way of clubhouse guests during the process, any outdoor pool painting can usually get done during the first or last week of closure.

This year, your painters will probably have much more leeway. If your clubhouse and indoor pool are partially or fully closed due to COVID-19, they might not open back up until later next year or even 2022, depending on various factors. Likewise, your outdoor pool might open back up in the springtime at the earliest, but if COVID-19 is still a factor, it might remain closed until further notice, despite the warm weather. This means that painters will have much more time, space, and flexibility to spruce up your common areas in 2020 and possibly 2021.

Is Maintenance Painting Needed?

So, we’ve established that this year (and possibly next) might be the best time in recent memory to invest in HOA painting. But before you hire a reliable painting service, it’s important to consider whether or not painting is necessary at this time. For instance, while certain types of pool paint can last a long time, it’s often a good idea to repaint or refinish your pool every 3-7 years, depending on its level of use, current condition, etc. If you just had your pool repainted a year or two ago, you might want to wait another few years before painting it again. The same goes for your clubhouse -- if your clubhouse’s paint job is still holding up, there might be no practical reason to paint it, even if there’s never been a more opportune time to do so.

Painting the Pool and Clubhouse for Aesthetic Reasons

That said, painting isn’t merely about maintenance -- it’s also about appearances. You might decide that your Northern California HOA pool and/or clubhouse color scheme could use an overhaul even if their current paint jobs are in decent shape. If you’ve been thinking about updating the look of these common areas, it makes sense to do it now while they’re not in use. This way, when it’s finally time to open things back up, you and your residents can enjoy a fresh, bright area to unwind and get together.

Take Advantage of Your Shutdowns

The various regulations and closures thrust upon businesses and HOAs this year have certainly been a pain to endure. And yet, there’s a silver lining. If you’ve been putting off interior or exterior painting projects, there’s never been a better time to tackle them. Let the experts at Endure Painting enhance your Northern California HOA inside and out. For more information regarding our skills and services, call us at (510) 458-2120 or send us an email at hello@endurepainting.com.

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