Show Your Employees Appreciation with a New Breakroom Paint Job

Why You Should Invest in a Paint Job for Your Break Room

The Benefits of a Brand New Breakroom Paint Job

On its face, a fresh coat of paint can seem like a relatively arbitrary effort. Sure, everyone likes entering a room that’s been recently touched up by commercial interior painters, but does this pleasant update offer anything more than a brief recognition? As it turns out, yes -- a brand new breakroom paint job can actually yield a positive shift in employee morale. Fresh, inviting spaces naturally improve people’s moods, which has a contagious effect that can make all employees happier. And when people feel better about their workplace, they tend to feel better about their work, which naturally boosts productivity and teamwork. Ultimately, then, this act of employee recognition will offer reciprocal benefits for your business.

The Best Time to Invest in Breakroom Painting

So, refreshing your breakroom’s paint job has many upsides -- the tricky part, however, is in the actual execution of this project. After all, your breakroom is an important and commonly used space, and investing in a fresh paint job will render this area out of commission for at least a day or two (often more) as your commercial office painters get to work. As such, to show your employees appreciation without interfering with their daily activities too much, you must plan this project strategically. First, do your best to convert another room in your Northern California office into a temporary breakroom, so employees have somewhere to go during this time (and make sure they’re aware of what’s happening). As for scheduling the project, try to hire a contractor that can work according to your needs. For instance, it might be best to have painters work in your breakroom overnight after hours or during the weekends when things are slow or shut down. If your businesses are undergoing a more prolonged shutdown (i.e. around the holidays), this might be the best time to hire office painters.

Going Beyond the Breakroom

Painting your breakroom is certainly one major way to show your people appreciation and improve your workplace as a whole. That said, any investment in commercial office painting can yield similar benefits (i.e. increased morale and productivity). The addition of whiteboard paint (such as a whiteboard wall) in your conference room, for example, can help streamline the brainstorming process, assist in team-building exercises, keep employees on the same page, and much more. Additionally, a complete interior office overhaul can inspire new ideas and really shake up how your Northern California office operates, all the while expressing your business’ gratitude to your employees.

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