Reverse Aging! Oakland Exterior House Painting Photos

Unfortunately, we can't go back in time. On the other hand, with proper surface preparation and exterior painting, many of the effects of time can be reversed! We recently finished redoing the exterior painting on this home in Oakland, California, and it is a great example of how the proper techniques and products can make an older home shine like new!

Before the Exterior Painting Began

Looking at this Oakland home from the street, you would not have seen much to worry you. The paint colors were attractive, and the condition of the house looked good.

Exterior house painting before

A closer inspection, however, revealed a lot of aging in the wood. There was loose, failing paint everywhere, and some areas with damaged, deteriorated wood siding.

Closeup of worn exterior paint in Oakland

When the home exterior is in this condition, you can't just apply new paint over the old. All failing paint must be removed and any damaged wood needs treatment before you can continue.

Remediation and Surface Preparation

One downside of our beautiful, historic homes in the Oakland and San Francisco area is that many of them have lead paint on the surfaces. Endure Painting is trained to deal with this safely, however, so that we can restore your home without causing health or environmental dangers.

With enough tape and plastic sheeting, plus breathing protection, we can do the work that needs to happen, without jeopardizing anyone's safety.

surface preparation for exterior painting

Next, it's a lot of elbow grease!

scraping off failed exterior house paint in Oakland California
exterior house painting preparation Oakland CA

We don't mind the work, but we're sure glad when this stage is done!

Priming and Painting

Now the real fun begins! Once the failed paint is fully removed and deteriorated wood is treated, we can prime and paint the house. The transformation goes quickly at this point!

Exterior house painting company in Oakland, CA

We don't always use compressed air spray equipment when we do exterior house painting, but we like to do this method whenever we can. It provides phenomenal smoothness and a gorgeous finish!

After photo - Oakland Exterior House Painting

A little bit of tidying up, and then...

The Final Result: An Exterior Painting Transformation!

Take a look at the before and after, and we think you'll agree: it was worth the effort!

Before and after photos of Oakland exterior house painting
Exterior stair painting before and after Oakland CA
Before and after exterior house painting in Oakland CA

Quite a difference, right?

Endure Painting

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