Remodeling vs Repainting a Bathroom: Photos of a Hayward, CA Project

Do you have a bathroom you would like to remodel, but you are wondering if you can really afford the cost? Did you know that painting a bathroom can have many of the same benefits of a remodel, but at just a fraction of the cost? Let's take a look at the transformation of this bathroom in Hayward, California, to see how a painting company can make your bathroom look better than ever!

Bathroom Repainting: What Stayed the Same?

Looking at the "before" pictures of this project, you might have thought that this bathroom needed to be completely gutted in order to end up with an attractive result. That wasn't at all the case, however! The following items were all kept intact, and the incredible transformation you see is due almost entirely to the painting!

  • Shower (including door and curtain)
  • Entry door
  • Tile floor
  • Light fixture
  • Cabinets
  • Countertop and faucets
  • Mirrors

Stripping Wallpaper and Painting Bathroom Walls

As you can see, the wallpaper in this Hayward bathroom was no longer the most attractive choice for this space. That is why a big part of this bathroom painting project involved stripping wallpaper. This messy job isn't done when the wallpaper is gone, though. The walls must also be washed, repaired, and primed before the new paint can be applied!

Bathroom Vanity Painting

While the change on the walls is striking, the way the cabinets have a totally new look is even more incredible! 

The kind of change we worked in this Hayward bathroom takes more than just a new coat of paint. The process is laborious and requires skill, but the results are worth it!

  • Remove all drawers, doors, and hardware
  • Strip off any gloss from the previous finish
  • Use tape and plastic to mask off the cabinet boxes
  • Apply primer
  • Apply several coats of quality interior paint
  • Apply a protective sealing coat

Once the painting process is complete, it's time to reinstall the doors and drawers. By using new hardware, you really get a whole new look!

Step Back and Take a Look!

When you look at the finished product, it is almost hard to tell it is the same bathroom we started with! 

The owners of this Hayward home are sure to enjoy the results of this bathroom painting project for years to come!

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