Painting to Reflect Your Brand

So, if your business’ paint job is failing to live up to your brand identity, it’s probably time to invest in commercial painting. Let’s explore some key ways painting can reflect and even boost your brand.

How to Paint in Line with Your Brand.      

Refresh Your Reputation

In the business world, there’s perhaps no greater currency than reputation. Small businesses must pay especially close attention to their reputation, as they are directly accountable to those in their community. If your reputation is on the decline, there are several ways to patch things up -- you might send personal messages to customers, increase marketing efforts with a self-aware tone, improve employee conditions and customer experiences, etc. While simply hiring commercial painters to refresh your location won’t absolve you entirely, it certainly doesn’t hurt. In fact, going to these lengths to improve appearances may have a more significant effect than you think, so long as your operations and customer service match the effort.

Reinforce Your Rebranding Efforts

Reputational concerns can also cause a business to completely alter its branding. Rebranding campaigns can result from other factors, too, such as ownership/management changes and significant growth. Whatever the case may be, if your business is beginning to make this transition, your paint job should follow suit. Exterior painting might be your first priority here since your store’s face is the first thing passersby will see. If you want to grab customer attention and fill them in on your rebrand, you might introduce new colors, have a new logo/sign painted out front, and perhaps even invest in a show-stopping mural. That said, you should also include your interiors in these rebranding efforts. In addition to repainting walls and ceilings, you might rearrange your store layout, change out light fixtures, install new flooring and signage, and more.

Complement Your Company Culture with Color

Revitalizing your brand is not only for the sake of attracting customers and winning them back, it’s also tied to your employees. If your people aren’t enthusiastic about their jobs, your output, bottom line, and reputation will suffer. Investing in interior painting to modernize and brighten up break rooms and work spaces can go a long way toward boosting morale. Painting isn’t the sole solution to these issues, but it’s a great place to start. Happier employees translates to happier customers, which in turn translates to a better reputation and a stronger bottom line. And ultimately, your new paint job will reflect this better brand that you’ve established.

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