Oakland Exterior Painting: Rejuvenating an Older Home

Sometimes exterior painting just freshens up the outside of an already attractive home. Other times, the end result is a complete transformation! A great example is this home in Oakland, California, where we just provided a complete exterior repaint. Take a look, and we think you will agree: it's like a whole new home!

Front Entry Door Repainting

This tour begins with the front entryway. On the left you can see what it looked like when we arrived. The smaller photos illustrate our process of masking, priming, and beginning to paint.

Once the painting was done and the protective plastic was removed, take a look at the final result...

Painting Wooden Siding, Stucco and Trim

As you would expect, the bulk of our time on this Oakland home was spent doing exterior painting on the siding and trim. Some parts of the house have wooden siding, while other sections have stucco. 

We began by pressure washing all the surfaces, then provided some stucco repair. Next, we used tape and plastic to protect the other surfaces and nearby items. Finally, we could begin applying the new wall color: Flemming Orange, by Sherwin Williams. We used the spray and roll method, first applying the color with a spray gun, then perfecting the finish with a roller.

The white trim was all painted by hand, and when it was all done, we couldn't have been more pleased with the results!

Brick and Concrete Painting

One of the aspects of this Oakland home that needed the most attention was the painted masonry items. This includes concrete walkways and patios, and many brick features. We were pretty thrilled to see such a remarkable change!

Painting Exterior Shade Feature

Another unique and attractive detail of this home is the shade feature. It took some time, some elbow grease, and a whole lot of careful painting, but the results were worth the effort!

Oakland Exterior House Painting Company

If you are considering an exterior painting project on your home in Oakland, or anywhere in the San Francisco Bay Area, Endure Painting is a name you can rely on. We offer phenomenal quality at a reasonable price, with excellent customer service and lasting results. In addition to exterior painting, we also provide interior painting, kitchen cabinet painting, furniture refinishing, wallpaper removal, and much more!

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