Maintenance Tips for HOA Painting

What to Know About Maintenance for Your Bay Area HOA

HOA Guidelines

Most HOA organizations will grant permission for outdoor work to be performed, so long as the work falls within the board’s guidelines. The HOA is primarily concerned with maintaining a state of uniformity amongst the houses over which it has jurisdiction. While these guidelines can sometimes be strict, a good HOA-compliant painting contractor will be aware of the bounds within which they must work. These guidelines cover color, which shouldn’t be an issue if you’re just doing touch-ups, but they also cover the length of time the work is expected to take, which is information that can be provided to you by an experienced house painter. The HOA board isn’t there just to make your life more difficult; they strive to keep the community as vibrant as possible. This includes regulations on outdoor lighting, fences, and shrubbery, not just the color of paint you choose for your home.

Types of Maintenance

In terms of boosting curb appeal, and by association your pride in your home, there are a number of different maintenance projects that you can undertake or hire a professional for. The most obvious one is exterior painting. Whether you just need a touchup here or there, or you need an entire fresh new coat, Endure Painting has you covered. You can protect, preserve, and improve your Bay area property with a completely new look or strategic touch-ups. If you have a stucco home, you may need to monitor for cracking and be prepared to proactively take action to eliminate the risk of water damage and the troubles that can be caused by that. If you have a deck or fence, you might consider repainting or staining it, and any wood that has rotted will need to be repaired immediately in order to avoid structural damage. Another potential maintenance project is power washing. Hiring a professional to use a power or pressure washer is a good way to keep your outdoor spaces clean and fresh. Not only does it boost the appeal of your outdoor spaces, but power washing can remove mold, mildew, and other contaminants, thus increasing the longevity of your paint or stain.

Endure Painting is here to help you with all of your outdoor, HOA-compliant maintenance needs. Our goal is to help you boost your curb appeal while saving you money and time. Not only do we offer the services you need, but we are fast, reliable, experienced, and proactive. Contact us now!

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