Keep the Fees Down and Summer Months Free. Why it's in the Best Interest of Your HOA to Paint in the Winter

Why You Should Paint in the Winter

Lower Temperatures, Lower Rates for Painting

Many parts of California remain warm year-round, relatively speaking. So, while temperatures drop in the winter, they seldom drop below 50 degrees, Fahrenheit. Indeed, these temperatures are often ideal for exterior painting -- experts recommend painting outdoors between 55 and 85 degrees with minimal fluctuations overnight. Beyond the practicality of the application itself, hiring painters in the winter is often financially pragmatic, too.

No matter where you’re located, most painting prices see a decline in the winter months because most people have their properties painted in the spring, summer, and early fall. To make up for this decrease in demand, painters have to lower their rates. If your Northern California HOA is on a strict budget, the most frugal option is to get your exterior and interior painting done in the winter. Not only are prices lower in winter -- more painters are available as well, meaning your Northern California HOA will have its pick when it comes to finding the best contractors.

So Many Summer Distractions

Though summer is a popular time for painting, this season is riddled with distractions -- vacation planning, road trips, events, outdoor activities, and so on. As such, HOA members may have limited mental capacity when it comes to researching key details related to painting. It takes time and energy to research reliable local interior painters and to determine what you really want out of the painting project (i.e. colors, finishes, designs). Plus, many HOAs require various approvals when it comes to choosing a painter and paint colors. 

Juggling all this research and red-tape is no fun, and it’s even more challenging when you’re trying to get the most out of summer. Most people will struggle to keep an eye on their painting projects during this time of year, spending time out of the house camping, traveling, swimming, and so on. For these reasons, it’s a smart move to wait until winter to hunker down and find the optimal exterior and interior painting companies for your needs.

Painting in a Winter Wonderland

Winter is often the last time of year people choose to get their painting projects done, which, oddly enough is why it may be the best time of year to do so. When hiring exterior and interior painting services during the colder months, you can save money, focus on what (and who) you want, and enjoy your summer without the worries that come with HOA renovations. While summer is just now coming to a close, winter isn’t far behind. Endure Painting is here to help you plan and execute your HOA painting project.

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