Inviting Fall Color Schemes

What Are the Best Fall Colors?

Rusty Reds and Oranges

In most areas of the U.S., reds and oranges tend to dominate the fall landscape. There are many variations of these colors to be found in the changing leaves. The brightest, most saturated reds and oranges are undoubtedly striking in nature, but they might come off as gaudy when applied to your exterior or interior paint job. One way to adopt these autumnal tones without overwhelming the eye is to go for more muted and/or darker versions, such as rust, maroon, burnt orange, burgundy, etc. If you’re hiring interior painting services, these warm fall colors can work well in just about any room, including your living room, kitchen, and bedroom.

Golden Yellows

Yellow is next up in terms of common autumn colors. The brightest yellows might not suit your property or tastes, but that isn’t to say you have to go without yellow entirely. To encompass the autumn atmosphere, go for gold. Paint colors like goldenrod, trombone, and tuscany are slightly darker than your standard yellow fare, offering hints of orange and brown. 

Dark, Rich Browns

The brighter colors of fall can make it easy to overlook the darker, more neutral tones that complement them, namely the natural beiges and browns of tree trunks and soil. Paint colors like cedar, chocolate, and coffee all serve as inviting additions to any interior or exterior, especially as accents on trim, molding, window frames, and more. Lighter, softer browns such as almond, chestnut, and copper also contribute to an autumnal atmosphere and work well with most other colors, whether applied for commercial or residential painting purposes.

Smoky Blues

While autumn has its share of sunny days, it also sees plenty of cloud coverage. To match the mood of an overcast October afternoon, consider implementing muted, smoky blues and greys to your paint job. These colors work well on their own, but can also create a powerful contrast with the rich browns, golds, and rusty oranges. 

Herbal Greens

Lastly, while many leaves lose their green color during autumn, the season still features plenty of green -- think of pine trees, fresh herbs and vegetables, and so on. These muted, dark, and/or herbal greens are just as “fall” as any of the previous color schemes listed here. More specifically, consider colors like olive, basil, moss, sage, etc.

HOA Painting: Fall Color Caveats

If your property is part of a homeowners association (HOA), you might not be able to adopt the autumn colors you desire, unfortunately. For one thing, many HOAs have particular guidelines regarding paint color choices, especially for exteriors. Additionally, HOAs often operate on strict painting schedules so all homes and facilities get painted around the same time. That said, not all HOAs are alike, and it’s worth submitting a request to see if you can paint your home a specific way this season.

Ring in Fall With a Fresh Coat of Paint

Early autumn is a prime time to invest in a new coat of paint and prepare your home for the winter. Feeling inspired to apply some autumn tones to your exterior or interior? The residential and commercial painting pros at Endure Painting are happy to help you celebrate the season and enhance the beauty of your property. For more information regarding our skills and services, call us at (510) 458-2120 or send us an email at

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