How to Stay on Track with Repairs in Your New Home

The Best Ways to Stay on Track with Home Repairs

Prioritize Your Projects

Your new home might be new to you but otherwise past its prime. If your place requires numerous fixes that vary in scope, your first course of action should be to write down everything that needs to get done and then rank them in order of importance. For instance, drywall repairs should come before house painting, water damage must be addressed prior to making drywall repairs, and so on. Prioritizing your repairs in this way is important for several reasons. First, doing so is necessary for making proper renovations -- you won’t be able to properly repaint your walls if the underlying surfaces are in disrepair, after all. Second, it’s much easier to create and stick with a budget by taking care of larger, high-priority tasks before smaller cosmetic concerns. And, last but not least, prioritizing your renovation projects will give you peace of mind, as those serious issues will be taken care of early on, ultimately helping you stay on track.

Be Seasonably Reasonable

Ranking your projects in terms of prominence is useful, but keep in mind that certain renovations and repairs are easier or more difficult to execute depending on context (i.e. the weather). Exterior painting might be high on your list of priorities, but you’ll have a hard time hiring exterior painters in the dead of winter, especially if your region experiences cold temperatures and regular snowfall. As such, it might be best to bump up your interior painting project during this time -- interior painting services usually lower their prices during the slower winter season, too. Simply put, different times of year are better optimized for specific repair and improvement projects. Knowing this can help you create an effective year-long strategy to fix up your new home, so contractors don’t clash with one another, no one’s time is wasted, you receive the best results, and you save money.

Keep Solid Records of Your Renovations 

The best way to stay on track with repairs in your home is to retain records of every project, whether DIY or outsourced. These records should indicate the nature of the task (i.e. repair or improvement, specific details), who performed the task, when it was performed (date, duration), what it cost (materials, labor, receipts, etc.), whether any changes were made during the process, and so on. Holding on to this information is useful for yourself, any contractors with whom you work, and any assessors or realtors you hire down the line. Indeed, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and those in charge of making property valuations will need to know this information -- the more accurate, the better. Plus, keeping tight records of every home repair and improvement project will allow you to easily recall the last time a certain task was performed, so you don’t run the risk of redundancies and can better gauge the quality of results delivered by a given contractor. And if you live in a homeowner’s association (HOA) where there are often strict rules regarding HOA painting and other renovations, having documentation can protect you from any fines that might come your way after any HOA rule changes get made.


Fixing, improving, and maintaining your home requires a lot of care and attention. The more you can do to prioritize, strategize, and organize these various duties, the better off you’ll be. At Endure Painting, our team of experts can help you map out a home renovation plan that works for you. We’re more than your average local painting service, offering a variety of custom services for all types of properties. For more information regarding our skills and services, call us at (510) 458-2120 or send us an email at

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