How to Modernize Your Northern CA Apartment Complex

Ways to Modernize Your Apartment in Northern California

Invest in New Lighting

The way a space is lit has a surprisingly large impact on its overall atmosphere. Modern sensibilities tend to favor natural lighting whenever possible, so big, open windows are a plus. As for artificial lighting, LED lights have largely taken over, replacing the incandescent options of old. The type of lighting isn’t the only thing to consider -- the shape and style of the light fixtures themselves matter, too. While some residents might prefer more avant-garde fixtures, simple and sleek choices are a safe bet to modernize your complex.

Paint Your Properties Inside and Out

There are plenty of barriers involved with both HOA painting and apartment painting, especially for residents that wish to update their space. Owners and managers have much to consider in this regard, too. After all, scheduling apartment painting services to tackle the exteriors and interiors of multiple units is no small task and may interfere with the lives of tenants. That said, if you wish to modernize your Northern California apartment complex, painting is almost always a necessary part of the equation. Research the latest trends for apartment complexes in Northern CA and nearby areas to generate some ideas for your properties.

Apply an Accent Wall

Speaking of painting your Northern California apartment complex, consider installing accent walls in key interior areas. These simple additions make any space more dynamic and modern while also creating visual separations between portions of a room. If you’re using white apartment paint for the majority of your surfaces, just about any color will do for an accent wall, so long as it matches the decor and furnishings.

Replace or Cover Your Outdated Flooring

Old, outdated, worn down floors can quickly give away a property’s age, no matter how modern its paint job, decor, or lighting may be. For this reason, don’t forget about your flooring in your attempt to modernize your Northern California apartment complex. If your budget is tight, you might simply clean/repair your floors then cover them with stylish rugs or carpeting. But if you can afford to do more (or can’t afford to do anything less), you might resurface or replace your old flooring entirely. This is an expensive and time-consuming undertaking, of course, so careful planning is required.

Update Cabinet Hardware

Even if you or your tenants aren’t hyper-focused on things like cabinet hardware and doorknobs, these subtle features can keep your space in the past or bring it into the new age depending on their style. So, if your cabinets currently don the ornate hardware designs of old, it might be time to replace them with fresher, sleeker, simpler options. Even this small change can go a long way toward modernizing your Northern California apartment complex overall.

We’ve only touched on a handful of things you can do to update your Northern CA apartment complex, but even this small list is enough to generate some big ideas. In order to make these sweeping changes, though, it helps to work with an experienced partner. At Endure Painting, HOAs, apartment complexes, and other multifamily properties are our specialty. We provide painting, renovation, design, repair services, and more for properties of all types. For more information regarding our skills and services, call us at (510) 458-2120 or send us an email at

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