How to Make Your Modern Interior Complement Your Classic Exterior

How to Make a Modern Interior Look Classic

Implement Timeless Colors for Your Interior

While modern sensibilities change with the times, the current era happens to be one filled with neutral tones such as off-white, beige, gray, and so on. Sure enough, these paint colors also fit the “classic” palette quite nicely. In other words, the colors we deem modern these days happen to be timeless, which makes it that much easier to cross-contaminate what’s vintage and what’s in vogue. If your home’s exterior dons neutral colors like the ones mentioned here, you can incorporate similar colors inside your home for a cohesive experience that still leaves plenty of room for modern design choices. The only caveat here is for those who live in an HOA. Fortunately, most HOA painting guidelines restrict bolder, brighter colors and primarily apply to exterior paint choices, so you should have plenty of leeway when it comes to painting your interior however you like.

Create Gradual Movement through Time and Space

If you’re looking to make your modern interior complement your classic exterior, try using your residential interior painting and design choices to bring the guest on a journey through time and space. Modernizing every inch of your interior without any buffer between the old and new can be jarring, and while some might appreciate the stark contrast, others (such as yourself) might prefer a more slow and steady transition upon entry. In order to facilitate this steady shift, you might establish a classic or semi-classic foyer via darker color choices, antique furniture, and more ornate decor, then go with slightly more modern choices for the hallway leading to your living room which might be even more modern in turn. However you decide to go about this transition, the key is making it progress naturally and dynamically with careful choices in colors and decor.

Modernize Your Interior in Subtle Ways

One of the best ways to bring the old and new together is to blend classic color choices with more modern features. Even some of the more extravagant classic interior colors like red and dark green can become current when serving as the backdrop to modern lighting fixtures and furniture, large windows, contemporary artwork, and so on. Additionally, you might ask your interior home painters about creating an accent wall to either give a certain portion of an interior room a more classic or modern look, depending on your goals. Ultimately, there are many small changes and additions you can make to achieve the best of both worlds regarding classic and modern sensibilities.

A Modern Classic

In the world of real estate, much value can be found in both classic and modern stylings. And with the proper approach to paint color and design choices and some help from experienced interior painting services, you don’t have to limit yourself to either end of the spectrum. Let the experts at Endure Painting help you achieve the exterior and interior aesthetic of your dreams. For more information regarding our skills and services, call us at (510) 458-2120 or send us an email at

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