HOA Building Paint Schemes

Many HOAs offer specific color selections to enhance the curb appeal of your home. Not only will your home be more pleasing to the eye, but excellent curb appeal can add resale value. The chosen colors should work well with the roof color, other homes in the neighborhood, landscaping, stone work, and brick work. If you’re planning to change the entire color palette of your HOA property, you should be prepared to spend a great deal of time on the color selection process.

Best Paint Schemes for Bay Area HOAs

Pairing Paint with Lighting and Temperature

Our professional HOA painting contractors can help you with the guidelines of your Northern California HOA’s painting process. You will be choosing pigment quality, shade, and what colors will do best in your climate. When choosing a color for the exterior of your home, you will want to think about the tinting pigment for the safety of your home.  The pigment of the home is supposed to protect it from harsh and harmful UV radiation. Not only will this help reduce your air conditioning bills in the hot months, but it will also protect and preserve the look of your HOA from the sun.

The next factor to consider is whether you want a light exterior paint or a dark exterior paint. Tans and whites will make a home look and feel very different than a home painted in dark blues, grays, or greens. Light colors will typically reduce the inside temperatures and perhaps standout next to darker homes. Homes with dark paint absorb the heat, therefore making the interior warmer. Dark homes also modernize the exterior and add a little uniqueness to otherwise formal HOA regulations. 

Depending on where your home is located, the climate can affect the performance of the paint coatings. When temperatures go from hot to cool, then back again, the paint will expand and contract. A high quality coating is recommended in climates that are known to fluctuate during time of application. High quality paints are expected to also offer excellent, long-term performance and look beautiful for the duration of your Northern California HOA painting cycle. 

Types of Paint Finish

There are also other factors to consider when painting your HOA, like the sheen of the paint. A flat finish is often the choice for stucco and siding and offers little to no sheen. Low sheen is also becoming a popular trend. It offers a vibrant appearance and allows your exterior paint to pop a little more without being too noticeable; perfect in an HOA setting.

Elastomeric coating is another excellent option. Masonry surfaces, like concrete blocks, are often coated with this kind of finish. A blend of acrylic elastomer, adhesive agents, and special pigments formulate this coating. It offers durability, strength, and color retention. However, with all these added bonuses, there are higher material and labor costs. 

Come to Endure Painting for Professional Painting Assistance

When it’s time to make your color selection, you may want to consider contacting a professional commercial building painter. Consulting with a painter will allow you to choose from an array of colors for your HOA buildings based on their experience. Once you have a few color options picked out, you can better visualize your scheme’s finalists before making the final decision.

When you’re ready to begin the process of selecting a paint scheme for your HOA building, don’t worry if it seems overwhelming. Endure Painting is here to help. Contact us now!

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