HOA Approved Winter Color Schemes and How to Make Them Pop Year Round

How to Maintain Winter Paint Colors

How HOAs Can Interfere With Your Color Preferences

If you haven’t read our previous blogs regarding HOA painting, you might not be too familiar with the restrictions enforced by most HOAs. Those who own homes outside of an HOA are free to do virtually whatever they want to their property, so long as it’s within legal limits. On the other hand, homes in HOAs must abide by the association’s various rules, as outlined by their Covenants, Conditions, & Restrictions (CC&Rs). These constraints are put in place to maintain and unify the HOA’s overall presentation. If one home looks wildly different than others in the neighborhood or isn’t kept up, the HOA as a whole may lose value. As such, the paint colors homeowners in HOAs can choose are among these constraints, along with which local painting contractors you’re allowed to hire, and more.

Which Colors are Typically HOA-Approved?

Though every HOA has its share of restrictions, the specifics can vary from one to another. Generally speaking, most HOAs prefer neutral, muted colors for their properties’ exteriors (there is typically more leeway when it comes to interior painting compared to exterior painting). Examples include off-whites, beiges, browns, greys, and clays. This isn’t to say that brighter, more saturated colors are off the table -- your Northern California HOA might be less strict when it comes to color considerations. Regardless, most HOAs require that you receive express approval from the organization prior to commencing painting. Failing to do so can result in fines and other penalties that may last until the issue is resolved.

Creating Winter Color Schemes with HOA-Approved Choices

Now that you have an understanding of how HOAs operate and which colors are typically on and off the table, the question remains: how should you go about establishing a winter theme for your home using allowable paint colors? The good news is that most winter palettes are fairly neutral. Aside from certain shades of blue which might be off-limits for HOA exteriors, you can probably choose from a variety of white shades, greys, taupes, and more. If your Northern California HOA allows, perhaps you’ll go with cool brown siding with a creamy white front door and trim. Or perhaps you’ll consider a light grey exterior with darker grey accents. As for your interiors, you might employ muted, darker blues offset by whites and greys. And beyond paint colors, keep in mind that the way you decorate your home inside and out can drive home the winter theme as well, as long as you receive approval from your HOA.

HOA Paint Jobs that Last

Choosing paint colors is hard enough -- the restrictions put in place by your HOA can make things even more challenging. At the same time, having a narrower scope of color choices may bring focus to your project. Either way, when it’s time to update your home, you want to hire exterior and interior painting services that can understand the ins and outs of your HOA’s specific rules to avoid potential conflict. Additionally, you want your paint job to last well beyond the winter months. Fortunately, the professionals at Endure Painting are experienced in HOA painting protocols and committed to quality workmanship. Let us help you achieve the home winter color scheme of your dreams, no matter how rigid your options are. For more information regarding our skills and services, call us at (510) 458-2120 or send us an email at hello@endurepainting.com.

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