Graffiti Removal for a Business in Oakland, CA

All businesses want to make a great first impression. One of the challenges many urban businesses face is vandalism. Graffiti can be particularly difficult to remove. 

The process varies depending on the surface, but the first step for this project was a graffiti removal product to dissolve the unwanted paint. Every surface reacts differently to chemicals and paint, in some areas the removing part took more time.

After removing the graffiti, we used a tinted primer and a few coats of paint to repair the damage. A non-sacrificial anti-graffiti coating, like this one by Sherwin-Williams, helps repel unwanted paint and allows for easier clean-up in the future. The finished work is clean and professional.

The company was pleased with the result and has hired us to perform a monthly graffiti removing service. If your business damage from graffiti, call or email us to schedule an appointment. 

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