Enter the New Year with New Office Paint

What to Know About a New Office Paint Job

Why Update Your Office’s Paint Job?

At first, your office’s paint job might be your last concern when configuring your business for 2021 and beyond. However, your workplace’s atmosphere affects every other aspect of your operation. For instance, a bland, fading conference room may put your people to sleep, and a bleak breakroom isn’t bound to recharge anyone’s batteries during the day. Hiring reliable commercial office painters to rejuvenate your paint job can help boost morale and spark new ideas. Not only that, a fresh coat of paint symbolizes a fresh start -- if you’re adjusting your branding this year, you want your Northern California office paint job to reflect these changes. And if your office is customer-facing, a beautiful new paint job will make a strong, positive, lasting impression.

Interior Painting Options for Your Office

So, there are many reasons to enter the new year with a new coat of paint -- now the question is: how will you tackle this project? There are many options out there in terms of color, finish, function, and design. When it comes to interior office painting, prioritize paint with few to zero volatile organic compounds (VOCs). VOCs refer to toxic chemicals that can cause short- and long-term health issues in those nearby. When hiring interior painting services, ask them about the products they use to make sure they’re safe and optimized for an office environment.

You might also look into installing whiteboard paint in certain areas of your Northern California office this year. As its name suggests, this specialized coating creates a blank, glossy surface that’s meant to be written on by dry erase markers. Establishing a whiteboard wall in your office can boost productivity, bolster teamwork, generate ideas, and more.

Don’t Overlook the Outside of Your Office

Discussions around commercial office painting often center on interior adjustments. However, don’t neglect your Northern California office’s exterior paint job, either. Even if it’s not time to repaint your exterior, the start of a new year serves as a good reminder to pressure wash your property. You might wait until spring to do this, of course, since winter weather might undo your hard work. Either way, a thorough cleaning will prepare your office’s face for a fresh year. And if you do determine it’s time for exterior painting, hire painters with the latest surface preparation technologies and specialty coating options for the best-looking, longest-lasting results.

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