Do You Have to Sand Cabinets Before Painting

What to Know About Cabinet Sanding

Why You Need Cabinet Sanding

Like any other house painting project, sanding sets the paint up for success. Not only will it go on smoother, but it will stay on longer. You will also be able to remove old paint, rough surfaces, and other imperfections so that the new paint is able to settle in and stay on. If you live in an HOA property, there are oftentimes protocols to follow, even on interior decor. So, ensuring the new paint or stain meets the HOA standards is imperative and can only be accomplished after properly sanding. 

You don’t need to remove all of the old paint. However, if there are areas where the old paint is flaking off, it’s important to remove the paint in that area. When paint is flaking, it means it’s not adhering to the wood of the cabinet. You will want to start fresh in those areas so that the new paint doesn’t flake off, too. In kitchens, there are typically more factors that contribute to this since temperatures rise and fall more suddenly and grease and buildup are more common. 

How to Sand Cabinets

When you’re ready to paint, remove the doors and hardware and place the doors on a flat, clean surface. Clean the doors and drawers to get rid of grease and other buildup found in most kitchens. If the cabinets and drawers are dirty, sanding will be more difficult and paint may not adhere as well.

Lightly sand the doors front and back, and all sides. Sand with the grain of the wood. You can sand the doors with an electric sander for the first round of sanding. It is recommended that you use 100-grit sandpaper initially. Sand edges and sides with a basic sandpaper or sanding sponge. Once all areas have been sanded, you can go back and resand with a 150 - 180-grit sandpaper to ensure all areas have been revitalized. 

It’s even recommended to lightly sand between coats since dust settles on the new coat of paint. This will ensure the next coat will go on as seamlessly as the first. You can also use a vacuum depending on the amount of debris. Just make sure that before resanding or vacuuming, the surfaces are completely dry. 

Is it Time for Cabinet Painting

Once you are sure you have sanded adequately, it’s time to paint or stain. There are plenty of options for tone and color, but as long as you sand properly, the paint or stain will adhere and give your room a fresh new look for years to come. If you live in an HOA that dictates interior design, check with them before choosing a color. 

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