COVID-19 and the "New Normal" - Why Winter Might be Best to Paint Your HOA This Year

With all this in mind, it can be difficult to determine the best time to paint HOA facilities. To make matters more complicated, this year’s COVID-19 pandemic has affected every individual and business in some way, throwing a wrench in the status quo. As it turns out, the current situation has created certain opportunities in the realm of renovation, along with several obstacles. Ultimately, these developments have made it so the optimal time to perform HOA painting might be this winter.

Why to Paint in the Winter During COVID-19

Is it Wise to Paint in the Winter?

Winter is typically the last season one considers when creating a painting schedule. However, while it’s true that in most regions winter conditions clash with exterior painting projects, interior painting can occur year-round, as long as the internal climate is optimized and consistent. In fact, winter is in some ways the best time to hire interior painting services for HOA renovations. After all, most public HOA areas, such as pools, clubhouses, and hallways receive far less use in the colder months, and may even be closed -- the fewer people around, the less interference. Additionally, the lack of use of these facilities decreases risks and potential liabilities. So, painting public interior spaces in the winter might make the most sense if it’s time for an HOA update.

The COVID Component 

Social distancing is key to reducing risk of transmission, so the fewer people around the better. Public facilities might not be operational until 2021 or beyond anyway, so taking advantage of this optimal time to do some renovations is a silver lining.

The reasons to hire commercial interior painters in the winter are only emphasized by the realities of COVID-19. While certain places around the world have mostly dealt with the pandemic, many regions in the U.S. will likely still face this threat through the end of the year and beyond. To reduce transmission, it is still recommended that people practice social distancing whenever possible. Also, many public facilities (including HOA facilities) remain partially or completely shut down for the time-being to prevent large indoor gatherings of people. With these measures in mind, interior painting companies have a golden opportunity to update HOA facilities -- social distancing protocols and temporary shutdowns reduce the number of people around during a painting project and negate the issue of interfering with operations. Most importantly, getting the job done with minimal contact promotes the health and safety of the painters and residents.

How HOAs are Adapting to the “New Normal”

If 2020 has revealed anything, it’s that we can’t be sure what the future might hold. We can, however, adapt to the current situation and make the most out of it. If your Northern California HOA’s facilities could use a new coat of paint, now is the right time to think about hiring reliable local interior painters for the winter. At Endure Painting, we take health and safety seriously and will follow all up-to-date local guidelines regarding COVID-19.

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