Commercial Paint Trends for 2021: How to Implement for the Perfectly Professional Look

Commercial Painting Trends in 2021

Comforting, Warm, Grounded Colors

If employees, customers, and guests are looking for anything right now and for the foreseeable future, it’s a sense of comfort and normalcy. It should come as no surprise, that warm, earthy tones are among those dominating commercial painting for both exteriors and interiors. Sherwin-Williams’ Commercial Sanctuary Palette is a prime example of this current trend, with colors like Canyon Clay, Oakmoss, and Bona Fide Beige. This palette, in particular, reflects the natural world in all its calming splendor. And while Sherwin-Williams primarily shows off these colors in office interior settings, commercial exterior painting contractors can also expect to implement these grounded colors for business exteriors this year and beyond.

Bright and Dramatic Modern Choices

While calming and comforting colors might lead the charge for commercial interior painting this year, there’s plenty of demand for more striking options as well. Indeed, enduring a year of minimal in-person interaction can dull the senses and make us clamor for some excitement, which is precisely what Sherwin-Williams’ Commercial Tapestry Palette has to offer. This pastel-like color scheme is dynamic and contemporary, delivering a peachy-salmon “Jovial”, muted “Enjoyable” yellow, soothing “Alexandrite” green, and much more. These visually striking colors might be just what your workplace needs to revitalize everyone’s creative impulses and impress patrons.

Blending the Tranquil and the Stimulating

Perhaps the more grounded and the more dramatic palettes lean too far in either direction for your business’ tastes. If so, a balanced color scheme might be well-suited for your exterior and/or interior. Sticking with Sherwin-Williams for consistency’s sake, their Commercial Continuum and Encounter Palettes blend the calming and the exciting in different ways. The former palette is cooler and sleeker, with a Novel Lilac, Limon Fresco, and Cyberspace black/gray, while the latter palette offers some warmer, grounded tones like Reddened Earth and Rosemary along with a more classic yellow (Tarnished Trumpet) and light grey-blue Jubilee. Whether used for exterior surfaces, interior spaces, or both, commercial painters can use either of these palettes (or similar counterparts) to provide a commercial space with a balanced atmosphere.

2021 Is About Comfort, Renewal, and Balance

While we’ve only gone over Sherwin-Williams’ color trends for 2021 here, you’ll find similar trending palettes across other major paint manufacturers, and for good reason. In more ways than one, business owners and homeowners alike want this year (2021) to overcome the challenges posed by the previous year while providing a fresh, lively start and ultimately restoring balance. While this is a lot for a single year to shoulder, 2021 already seems to be headed in the right direction in these regards. As such, local commercial painters will likely be using some mix of calming, striking, and balanced colors for businesses across the spectrum this year.

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