Add Warmth and Charm to Your HOA Hallways with Fresh Paint This Winter

How to Paint HOA Hallways

Decking the Hallways of Your HOA

When it comes to transforming your Northern California HOA, your hallways are a great place to start for more than one reason. For one thing, hallways tend to require paint touch-ups more frequently than other surfaces with lower levels of activity -- consider how common it is for residents and guests to scuff and scrape hallway walls with their bags, clothing, shoes, etc. Secondly, hallways provide large uninterrupted spaces that make up the majority of a room’s overall aesthetic. In other words, your HOA’s hallways set the tone for your property as a whole.

Warm, Welcoming Colors

So, how exactly should an HOA property manager go about enhancing the look of their interiors via hallway painting? For starters, color selection is crucial. If you’re looking to add warmth and charm to your HOA hallways, it’s probably best to avoid overly saturated, bright, gaudy colors, as these can overwhelm residents and visitors. Instead, consider warmer neutral tones for your halls -- stark white can make an interior more expansive but keep in mind that scuffs, scratches, and marks will be highly visible on a bright white surface. Warm charcoal greys, taupes, khaki greens are examples of the types of charming tones that can enhance your hallways. Professional interior painting services can help you pick the best colors for your HOA’s halls. 

Also, don’t neglect how your hallway’s lighting can impact the mood of these areas. No matter what color(s) you choose, soft, reddish light will naturally add warmth while harsh blue light will make things cool, sharp, and less inviting.

Why Winter for Interior HOA Painting?

Once you’ve landed on charming color(s), you’ll have to think about how you’ll coordinate the painting process, keeping in mind that residents and guests will still need to navigate the areas being painted. Though winter forces more people inside, your shared spaces might actually receive less use during the cold season than they do in the warmer months as people stay in their homes/condos. Therefore, winter might be the best time to hire local painting services for hallway painting. If you’re concerned about the odors and fumes that tend to linger during and after interior paint jobs, seek commercial/residential painting services that use paints containing low (or zero) volatile organic compounds (VOCs). These low-VOC paints are safe to apply in an interior space even if it’s too cold to open up windows and doors (as it usually is during the winter). And best of all, these paint products don’t produce overbearing scents that stick around for weeks after the paint has dried.

One more point in winter’s favor for interior painting -- interior house painting contractors typically reduce their rates during this time of year because the demand for their services decreases in the colder months. So, if your Northern California HOA is on a limited budget, you can enjoy significant savings by having your hallway painting done during the winter.

The HOA painting experts at Endure Painting work year-round and use low-VOC paints for our interior projects. You can rely on us to safely and efficiently transform your property when the time is right for you. For more information regarding our skills and services, call us at (510) 458-2120 or send us an email at

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