5 Tips for the Best HOA Painting Results

How to Get the Most of Your HOA Painting

  1. Contact your HOA Management

The absolute first thing you should do before choosing the exterior paint in your home is to contact your Northern California HOA property manager or board. As stated above, every HOA has a different approval process, and you should be sure to familiarize yourself with yours before proceeding through the process of selecting a new exterior paint color. Any time that you don’t follow the exact steps in your neighborhood HOA’s approval process, you risk incurring the wrath of the board. You will very likely incur a fine as well. Should you proceed without heeding their rulings, you may be given a deadline to change the paint color at your own cost. Even though your approval process might be a bit inconvenient, sticking with it is the ideal course of action to save time and money overall.

  1. Consult with an HOA Painting Professional

It’s entirely likely that your Northern California HOA already has a list of pre-approved painting companies that are allowed to work on home exteriors in your neighborhood. They may allow you to hire your own company, but either way, the professional painting company will need to understand the approval process as well as the guidelines set down by your Northern California HOA. This way, they are sure to deliver the end result you need to keep your Northern California HOA happy. A professional painting company can help you choose the right colors to match others in your neighborhood, and if they’re pre-approved they may already have a list of approved colors on file. Most HOAs will require that you submit a swatch of the color you’ve chosen, and the painting professional can help you obtain this.

  1. Ask Your Neighbors for Paint Options

With any exterior paint job you’re going to want to take a walk around your neighborhood and observe the color palettes your neighbors have chosen. This is especially important in an HOA, where you are going to be limited to a certain grouping of colors. If you wish to paint your home a deep blue, for example, but all the houses in your neighborhood are light, you may have to rethink your plans. You can also chat with your neighbors regarding the approval process, especially if they’ve painted recently themselves. Even if they haven’t, they may have more information on what colors would blend well with the neighborhood, but of course you still need to run this by the HOA. If you’re worried about complying properly with the HOA, you can ask the board to point out examples of those who have consistently been compliant.

  1. Know the Your HOAs Exterior Painting Cycle

Some HOAs will actually require that you paint your home every 7-10 years, sometimes regardless of whether you’ve lived there for that long. As you’re checking out your HOA’s guidelines and approval process, make sure you find out the last time your home’s exterior was painted, and when you might be required to paint again. This is important because you might be sick of your existing color and want to paint right away, but you may be required to re-paint in just a year or two. In a case like this, don’t rush the process. Take your time and fall in love with a color.

  1. Get Endure Painting's Help

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