Working With an HOA Compliant Painter

What to Expect from HOA Compliant Painters

HOA Guidelines

Most HOAs will gladly grant permission for exterior house painting, so long as the work falls within the board’s guidelines. You’re going to want to choose the paint color carefully, as the HOA is concerned with maintaining a state of uniformity among the houses it has jurisdiction over. A good tip is to look at your neighbors’ homes and mark down the paint colors they’ve used. This will give you a general idea of what to tell the local painting contractors when it’s time to decide on a color. This isn’t to say you can’t be creative, you just need to have a general sense of the pallet you have to work with. It’s important that you take this step as early in the process of painting your home as possible. There’s no sense in picking out the perfect color, only to find out from the painter that the HOA will not allow it. Many HOAs will require more information regarding the painting, such as how long the work is expected to take, and this is a perfect time to present paint swatches (these must be exact matches to the paint) of the colors you’ve chosen for approval.

Professional Painter

An HOA compliant painter will be able to assist you with this process. They should be aware of which colors the HOA will and won’t accept, and the time-frame they have within which to work. The HOA’s main purpose isn’t to make your life more difficult during times of remodeling, the HOA’s purpose is to ensure that your neighborhood looks as nice as possible. This includes regulations on fences and outdoor lighting, not just painting. With paint, the philosophy is the same: Keep the neighborhood looking nice. In addition to looking at the color of the paint and the duration of the work, your HOA may take issue with a poorly done job. If the paint job looks sloppy, the HOA may ask you to have it redone. In order to avoid having to start the whole process over, inviting the crew back to work on the house and disrupting your life for longer than is necessary, when looking for a painter to work on your bay area home, you’ll want to hire an HOA compliant professional house painter like Endure Painting.

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