Why Spring is a Perfect Time to Paint Your Home's Exterior

What Are the Benefits of Painting in the Spring?


Spring is the perfect time to paint the exterior of your home for a number of reasons, the first being the perfect painting conditions that the nice Spring weather brings with it. There’s a 6-10 week period during the spring where the temperature and humidity levels are just perfect for your exterior home painting. These relatively steady, mid-range temperatures will help ensure that the project goes quickly and smoothly, avoiding the complications that wild temperature fluctuations can bring in other, more tempestuous seasons. Many DIY painters will wait until the summer months, following conventional wisdom that this is the time to perform these sort of outdoor DIY projects, but the steady temperatures through the day and night that spring brings are really the way to go. In addition to the temperature, the time of year ensures easier access to the home, as plants and foliage are yet to be in full bloom and blocking the path.


Curb Appeal

As we’ve mentioned in previous entries, your home’s curb appeal, the reaction that visitors, friends, and passers-by will have to your home from the street, is tremendously important to most people. A fresh coat of paint on your home’s exterior is a perfect way to boost this curb appeal, which is especially important in the Spring, as people take to the streets and yards to walk and socialize and garden. We want to make sure that when they look up in the direction of your home, they are wowed! Give your home a new coat of paint and impress your friends, neighbors, and even complete strangers!


Seasonal Damage

We may have had a fairly mild winter this year, but your home often takes a seasonal battering during the cold, stormy winter months. Even if you were perfectly happy with your exterior paint job last autumn, you may find that it’s lost some of its lustre after withstanding the cold San Francisco winters. This gives you yet another excuse to spruce up your home with a new coat of paint this spring. While painting the outside of your home this spring, you’ll have the opportunity to inspect the siding and trim up-close for any damage that may have been caused over the winter months.


Pent-Up Energy

You’ve been sitting inside all winter long, thinking about all the little (and big!) projects you’ve got on your plate, and now that the shroud has been lifted you have the perfect opportunity to get back out there! Considering what an undertaking painting your home’s exterior can be, it’s a good idea to harness all that energy and motivation to finally give your home the face-lift it deserves!

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