Things to Consider When Painting an Occupied HOA Building

Things to Ensure in an Occupied HOA Building

Advance Notice

The first key step to successfully painting an occupied space is to make sure that all tenants and occupants are fully aware of the upcoming maintenance. It’s recommended that you notify occupants several days or weeks beforehand. This includes detailing when the job will start, what areas will be painted, and at what time different areas will be worked on. Also be sure to notify the tenants or occupants if there will be any changes to parking, entry, or general use of the building during the maintenance process. The farther out you’re able to give warning, the easier it will be for them to plan accordingly. Because your residents will want the building to look nice too, this minor inconvenience is really for the good of everyone involved, so dissatisfaction with the maintenance should be at a minimum. While it may not be possible to paint the whole building while everyone is out, you can take advantage of low traffic times to paint the busiest areas.

Schedule the Job in Stages

A good San Francisco painting contractor will be able to stage the paint project in such a way that leaves most of the building functional at any given time. Some HOAs may wish to have the work performed as quickly as possible, having the entire job completed in as quick a time as possible, but the choice is yours. You should work with your professional exterior painter to determine how best you want your building to be painted. If all you’re having done is interior work, you may be able to get away with having all the painting done during the off-season. Your local painting contractor will likely have more flexibility between the fall and spring when they’re not full up with exterior jobs.

Safe No-VOC Paint

No matter how large the building we’re painting, you’re going to need to pay close attention to the amount of paint fumes that fill the air while the crew is working. Your painter should be choosing low or no-VOC paints for this project, significantly lowering the dangers of the fumes, but either way industrial fans should be brought in. A painter worth their salt will know how to manage the environment well enough so as to avoid any serious health risks. It does come down to the building owner’s responsibility to ensure the safety and protection of their tenants or occupants, however.

You don’t want to put off important regular maintenance just because your building is occupied. By hiring a professional painting contractor, you know you’ll be working with someone with the experience and knowledge to manage the project while limiting impact to your occupants. For more information about painting an occupied HOA building, contact Endure Painting today!

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