How to Not Over-Do it with or Get Fined for Using Your Favorite Paint Color

How to Ensure Your New Paint Job Won't Get You Fined

Keep Your Expectations and Priorities in Check

If you have a vibrant personality, you might be eager to adornyour Northern California home in such a way that expresses your creat ...
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How to Modernize Your Northern CA Apartment Complex

Ways to Modernize Your Apartment in Northern California

Invest in New Lighting

The way a space is lit has a surprisingly large impact on its overall atmosphere. Modern sensibilities tend to favor natural lighting whenever possible, ...
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Is Using Exterior Paint Inside Harmful or Allowed at My HOA?

What to Know About Exterior Painting in the Home

What’s the Difference Between Interior and Exterior Paint, Anyway?

With so many paint brands and products on the market, it’s not always easy to draw clear lines between them. Howeve ...
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How to Get Your Cabinets’ Natural Wood Shade Back

How to Make Your Cabinets Look Natural

It All Starts with Surface Preparation

No matter how you plan to refresh your cabinetry, you must begin by properly preparing their surfaces. Cabinet surface preparation is a multi-step proces ...
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Why Preparation Is as Important as the Paint You Choose at Your HOA
So, plenty of thought must go into the type and color of paint used for HOA properties. That said, this isn’t the only consideration that holds weight for HOA painting projects -- the time and effort that precede such a project matter, too. Here’s w ...
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Top Bay Area HOA Paint Trends of 2021 That Won't Go Out of Style

Top Bay Area HOA Exterior Painting Trends of 2021

We’ll begin by exploring exterior painting color options since HOAs tend to have the most restrictions in this regard. While the following trends might not be your first choices, they’re rig ...
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