Berkeley, CA: Refinishing Garage Doors and Wooden Steps
Much of the wood in our homes is hidden within the structure, either inside the walls or holding up the roof. Generally, we have some wood that is exposed to view, however. This might be small details like trim or window shutters, or large items like ...
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Refinishing Doors and Woodwork in Berkeley, CA
Wood is one of the most natural, versatile, and beautiful materials we have in our homes, and it shines most richly when it is stained. Unfortunately, that shine can wear out over time, and stained wooden doors require refurbishing. Likewise, interio ...
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Interior Painting and Site Protection
The first step in any interior painting work is preparation. As we like to say, "By failing to prepare, we’re preparing to fail." How do we prep your home or office before painting? Our crew makes sure to cover and protect every area before ...
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Graffiti Removal for a Business in Oakland, CA
All businesses want to make a great first impression. One of the challenges many urban businesses face is vandalism. Graffiti can be particularly difficult to remove.  The process varies depending on the surface, but the first step for th ...
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Exterior Painting and Repair in Piedmont, CA

Does your home's exterior need freshening up? Do you have rotted wood or stucco that needs to be patched? Not sure where to start? Let the experts at Endure Painting help. A recent project at a home in Piedmont, CA showcases our exterior painting and repair services.

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What Commercial Building Exterior Repairs Say to Your Customers or Future Tenants

Whether you’re running a retail business, restaurant, office, or multifamily housing facility, your potential customers or tenants won’t want to enter or linger around a place that seems hazardous.

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