How to Get Your Cabinets’ Natural Wood Shade Back

How to Make Your Cabinets Look Natural

It All Starts with Surface Preparation

No matter how you plan to refresh your cabinetry, you must begin by properly preparing their surfaces. Cabinet surface preparation is a multi-step process and often best handled by interior house painting contractors, though you might tackle some of the work yourself. First, you’ll want to thoroughly dust your cabinets inside and out to remove whatever particles have built up since the last time you dusted. From there, clean every inch of your cabinets using a proper cleaning solution, water, and cloth or non-abrasive sponge. After the cabinets have completely dried, gently sand the surfaces to make them more receptive and, if necessary, remove the existing topcoat of stain. If your cabinets are painted, a residential painting company can use a powerful sanding tool and other methods to get rid of the previous coat of paint in an attempt to reveal your cabinet’s bare underlying surface.

The Power of Polish

If your cabinets are in decent condition, unpainted, and merely require some cleaning and light sanding, you can often restore their natural wood shade with quality wax or polish. Stained wood should receive a wax- and silicone-free polish or a homemade polish made from vinegar and olive oil (or other means). A cycle of polishing and buffing should occur one area at a time until you get the results you’re looking for. Your local interior house painters may be able to aid in this process.

Stain to Regain or Enhance Your Cabinet’s Natural Look

While polishing often does the trick for previously-stained cabinets, you might prefer to start from scratch. In this case, you or your home interior painters will want to sand down and remove the previous coat of stain until you’re left with bare wood cabinets once more. Now, you can apply a new coat of stain toyour Northern California kitchen or bathroom cabinets so they look good as new and recapture their natural wood shade and shine.

Maintaining After Staining

Once you’ve restored your cabinets to their former glory (or have improved their look), it’s up to you to keep them looking their best. Kitchens and bathrooms can both do a number on their cabinets due to the fluctuations in temperature and humidity common in these spaces. You can curb these negative effects by ensuring proper ventilation, maintaining a consistent climate throughout your home, regularly cleaning your cabinets, and limiting the amount of sunlight that shines upon them each day to minimize fading. Talk to your local painters about additional measures for maintaining and protecting your precious cabinets.


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