How Paint Color Can Help Increase Productivity

Paint Colors' Impact on Productivity


Having a professional painting contractor give your walls an off-white look, such as eggshell, will soften the look of a pure white. Like white, however, it’s easy to decorate and design around, given its warm yet clean appearance. 


Teal, being a combination of blue and green, can vastly improve productivity in the workplace. Blue stimulates the mind, leading to increased productivity. The hues of blue paint are ideal for staying focused in repetitive industries, such as accounting offices. Green brings balance, calmness, and reassurance. This is good for keeping employees from having anxiety issues.


Gray falls somewhere between black and white, which gives it a neutral feeling. There are many different hues and shades of gray, which can evoke different feelings in your employees. The one concern with gray is that it can make employees and clients feel a little melancholy.


Brown works very well in a professional space that needs to feel powerful and strong. If you pair it with rich wood office furniture, it can give off a nice feeling of warmth as well. Brown gives off a professional vibe without feeling too moody.

Pastel Yellow

Hiring a local painter to give your business a pastel yellow interior look can help improve creativity as well as productivity. Yellow stimulates emotion, which makes it an ideal color for creative industries. It can also evoke feelings of happiness, brightening the spirits of those who work in your establishment. Yellow is also easy to accent and pair with whites and browns.


Purple comes in many, many shades, but it can be tremendously helpful in certain environments. Purple has a calming, regal feel, so it’s good for management offices. It’s also generally considered a more feminine color, making it ideal for salons and other similar establishments.


Rich, dark and velvety greens are good for healthcare and financial industries. If you go too bright or too dark, you risk altering the mood of the room towards anxiety or depression, respectively. You do need to be careful with greens, as they tend to be very reflective and a light color, like lime, may be too blinding if your space has a lot of windows.


Painting all four walls orange may be a little much, but accenting just one wall with an orange hue can be the perfect remedy for low-energy afternoons. 

With all of these suggestions, you always need to consider the room’s general aesthetic. Be sure to compare paint swatches for the best color combinations for your office. When you’re ready to get started, contact a local painting contractor like Endure Painting!

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