How Much Does It Cost to Paint Kitchen Cabinets in the Bay Area?

Painted kitchen cabinets have been a growing trend in stylish San Francisco homes for a number of years, and that trajectory shows no signs of slowing down. If you long for a new look in your kitchen, you could replace your cabinets with new ones, or you could paint your existing kitchen cabinets. There are two main reasons why it is generally a better idea to paint kitchen cabinets:

  • The cost of painting cabinets is far less than replacing them
  • It generates less waste

What Is the Cost to Paint Kitchen Cabinets?

If someone asks you how much a hamburger costs in San Francisco, could you give just one answer? There is a range of prices, of course, varying from the cheapest fast food chain to the most gourmet restaurant. It is the same way with kitchen cabinet painting. If you choose the Bay Area kitchen cabinet painting company with the lowest estimate, you can save some money, but what will the results be? On the other hand, is the cost of the "gourmet" option really worth it?

The difference in price between the cheap option and the quality option will only be slightly determined by the materials. Using multiple coats of premium coatings, the project will cost a bit more, but the difference in the beauty and lifespan of the cabinets will be significant. 

Greater than the cost of materials, however, is the labor involved. There are three different approaches that your San Francisco cabinet painter could use when painting your kitchen cabinets:

Brush-and-Roll: The easiest way to paint kitchen cabinets is to leave them in place, and use paint brushes and rollers to apply the new coating. A very skilled and experienced painter can do a fairly good job like this, producing a new look in just a couple of days. The cost of this on an average kitchen would be $1,500 to $3,000. Keep in mind that while the appearance of these is acceptable, the durability is not fantastic. We might recommend this method for a rental home, but if you are going to be living in this yourself, you probably want one of the following options.

Spray the Doors, not the Boxes: To produce a more professional, "factory finished" appearance, a good San Francisco cabinet painter will remove all of the drawer faces and cabinet doors, taking off all the hardware at the same time. These items can then be painted using spray equipment in a sealed environment, resulting in spectacular smoothness and consistency. The cabinet boxes are painted in place, using paint brushes and rollers. An average San Francisco kitchen would cost approximately $5,000 to $6,000 for this kind of treatment. Since the drawers and doors and the most visible part of the kitchen, you get a fantastic look and good durability for a very reasonable price.

Kitchen cabinets with the doors removed for painting

Spray It All: In order to achieve the best possible results from your kitchen cabinet painting, Endure Painting prefers to use spray equipment for every part of the project. This still involves removing the drawer faces and cabinet doors for careful spraying. However, instead of using the brush/roll method, we can use plastic sheeting to create a safe, controlled environment for spraying the cabinet boxes in place. An average kitchen would cost in the $6,500 to $8,000 range for a service of this kind, due to the added time and labor for the site preparation and cleanup. This process results in a premium appearance that easily rivals the look of brand-new cabinets.

Cabinet doors hanging to dry after being sprayed in a controlled environment

Extra Options when Painting Kitchen Cabinets

When you have all of the drawers and cabinet doors removed for painting, it is a great opportunity to replace the hinges, pulls, and knobs, creating an entirely fresh appearance. 

If you are not certain what color you want to use when you paint your kitchen cabinets, some Bay Area kitchen cabinet painters offer color consultation services. This can help you determine what color options would work best in your home. 

Finally, when painting your kitchen cabinets, you may also desire to paint the kitchen walls or ceiling, refinish your kitchen furniture, or paint other adjoining rooms. Your San Francisco interior painter can also take on these extras at the same time.

The same cabinets after the painting process is complete

Painting San Francisco Cabinets with Endure Painting

One of the most important choices you make in this whole process is what painting company you will choose. While an excellent house painter will fill you with confidence and make the process a joy, the wrong choice will bring nothing but headaches. 

At Endure Painting, we are devoted to giving our customers the smoothest, most client-oriented experience we can. In every step of our process, we put the needs of your family and your home at the forefront. We also provide regular training for our employees and insist on methodical work, so that you can be assured of phenomenal results, every time.

For a free estimate for your kitchen cabinet painting, contact our office today. You can give us a call, or use our online estimate request form. We look forward to meeting you!

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