How Humidity and Temperature Affect Paint Application

How Temperature and Humidity Affect Paint

Temperature and Drying Paint

Temperature recommendations are cited for a reason. Depending on the paint used, the temperature can either increase or decrease drying times. Lower ambient temperatures can also cause some paints to thicken, which causes a longer drying time. Thicker paint with a longer drying time will often result in running or sagging. This results in an ugly, uneven surface, which will often mean you have to start the project over from scratch. This costs both time and money, and you can avoid this simply by following the recommendations. In order for paint to properly apply to the substrate, it must be allowed to dry under suitable temperature and humidity levels. Too cold and it may not adhere, leaving you with a patchy, unsightly job. If the paint dries too rapidly, bumps and wrinkles can occur, as the surface dries before the center.

Humidity and Drying Paint

Water-based paints rely on a carefully calculated ratio of solvent (water), pigment, resin, and other additives. High humidity creates increased water vapor in the air and on surfaces, and too much humidity thus adds solvent to the paint, thinning the mixture and preventing it from drying within the expected timespan. Painting wooden surfaces can also be problematic in high humidity, as wood is porous and will absorb any excess moisture from the air. This added moisture causes the paint to peel and bubble up as it dries. There are also problems that can be caused by low temperatures and high humidity, such as surface condensation, which can ruin a paint finish. A good professional house painter will know what to avoid when carrying out large exterior painting projects. 

Avoiding Paint Problems with Endure

It’s tremendously important to monitor temperature and humidity levels during painting projects, and you should also avoid painting during times of the day when adverse levels of heat or humidity occur. If carrying out a large project that requires different types of paint, it’s a good idea to hire a professional. When you’re ready to paint your home, contact Endure Painting here!

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