Best Exterior HOA Painting Practices

That said, no two HOAs are exactly alike, and some are stricter or looser in their regulations than others. This is why it’s so important for residents to get to know the rules of their HOA (which are found in the Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (CC&R)) before making major home improvement decisions. Doing so allows one to make better, more informed, and compliant choices regarding matters such as home exterior painting.

What Are the Best Painting Practices for HOA Exteriors

Seek Approval Before Painting

Most HOAs require that members seek permission from the board before performing any major home renovations, including house painting. Failing to do so can result in fines and, in some cases, foreclosures. As for why this permission is necessary, HOAs thrive by maintaining a certain neighborhood image and standard. If even one resident breaks this status quo, it can cost the HOA significantly in terms of marketing, appealing to new residents, keeping current residents satisfied, etc. So, if you live in an HOA, make sure you get approval for all of your projects, and if you own or manage an HOA, make sure all residents are aware of their obligations in this regard.

Consider Your HOA’s Exterior Painting Cycle

Many HOAs have designated intervals for tasks such as exterior painting (i.e. every 7-10 years). These cycles help the HOA more easily maintain each and every property with minimal interference. That said, you might want to update your home’s exterior color well before the next scheduled cycle. Consider whether or not this makes sense financially and pragmatically. For instance, if you’re required to re-paint in your home in just a year or two, doing so now might not be wise. If, on the other hand, you have over 4 or 5 years before needing to re-paint as decided by your Northern California HOA, you might think about going through with the project, so long as it is approved, of course.

Understand Exterior Color Limitations

Not only do HOAs sometimes have rules regarding when you can paint -- they also tend to dictate which colors (and finishes) are acceptable for the outside of your home. Once again, the reasoning for this has to do with maintaining a cohesive neighborhood aesthetic. So, certain colors may be off the table, especially if they would severely clash with the surrounding homes. There may be some breathing room, however. The key lies in understanding your HOA’s rules and recommendations. It’s worth discussing these matters with your neighbors as well, as they might have ideas and/or advice regarding color choices.

Research and Hire the Right Exterior Painting Services

Finally, an HOA may also only allow a specific range of exterior painting contractors to get the job done. Before you hire just any exterior house painters, then, see if your Northern California HOA has a list of acceptable companies. If you want to hire someone outside of this list, you will have to seek approval from your Northern California HOA, and the company you hire may need to speak directly with the board as well. One of the best ways to ensure that you end up with a reliable and accepted painting company for your needs is to conduct thorough research online -- read customer reviews, check out the company’s website and look for specific mention of HOA painting services, and get in touch to ask relevant questions. Word of mouth is also powerful, so ask your neighbors about their exterior painting provider recommendations, too.

To sum up, the best exterior HOA painting practices involve getting to know the rules and regulations of your Northern California HOA, seeking approval before any renovation, paying attention to painting cycles, and choosing quality painters based on your HOA’s restrictions combined with personal research and word of mouth.

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